Frequently Asked Questions

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The cost will vary depending on whether you choose self-serve (search) ads or premium (display) ads. Amazon ads tend to average around £0.70 cost per click. This means on average, it costs £0.70 every time a user clicks your ad. You can therefore get started with as little as £20.00. Found out more about our Amazon Advertising services here.

With Amazon controlling almost 50% of the ecommerce market, the simple answer is yes – Amazon advertising does work because they offer the greatest exposure for ecommerce businesses. That, paired with the fact Amazon ads cost-per-click is remaining below £1.00 on average, makes it a seriously viable option for your ecommerce business. Find out more about our Amazon Advertising services here.

PPC Advertising is an online form of marketing which charges the advertiser every time a user clicks on the ad. Popularity over the last decade has exploded due to its flexible budget options and general accesssibility for small businesses. The leading PPC providers are Facebook, Google and Amazon. Find out more about our PPC Marketing services here.

Most small and medium sized businesses spend an average of £8000 to £9000 on PPC Advertising. The cost varies, but it mostly depends on the competition and size of your industry. If you offer a niche product or service, it’s likely you could spend less than the average. Find out more about our PPC Advertising services here.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising can take many forms, from Google search to Instagram stories. What brings all the potential avenues together is how they charge your business. With PPC your business is charged every time a user clicks on your ad. You can then set a budget limit and improve the ads so that they cost less over time. Discover more about our PPC Advertising services here.

In a nutshell, video advertising is effective because it allows businesses to connect with the customer on a format they will always prefer. They also encompass more senses (audio and video), making them more eye-catching and engaging than any other form of advertising. Secondly, with both advertising powerhouses Facebook and Google offering a plethora of video advertising options, targeting your market has never been easier. Learn more about our video advertising services here.

Programmatic Display Advertising is when you use intelligent software to bid on and purchase digital advertisements, designed to appear in front of your target demographic at the exact right time. This is an automatic process, so the buyer does not need to be sat at their laptop at the time of the auction – in fact, transactions are made in the time it takes to load a webpage (around 100 ms).

Programmatic Display Advertising gets your brand in front of the right audience at exactly the right time. This audience can be targeted based on specific demographics like age, job, and interests – but you might also find a valuable and unexpected target demographic during the process. Compared to other forms of advertising, Programmatic Display Advertising is more cost and time efficient; it ensures your campaign remains relevant; it is easier to scale; and it can increase your revenue.

Paid Social Marketing encompases all paid-for advertising on social media. As a form of PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing, it works by charging the advertiser every time a user clicks on the advert. Learn more about our paid social marking services here.