It seems like every year, there is a new Social Media channel attracting millions of users to its platform.

Each platform attracts a different demographic, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for you and your business. Our paid social media services can help you decide which platforms are best suited to reach your target audience and how to utilise them so you can get the most from your investment.

paid social media services

When it comes to paid advertising across social media,
we are guided by our key paid social media principles:


Define your strategy

Audience Segmentation

Identify your target audience with customer profiling

Objective Selection

Choose the right campaign objectives to match your KPIs

Ad Format Selection & Creatives

Choose the right ad formats and creative approach


A campaign structure which covers all parts of the conversion funnel

Data Driven Optimisations

Data Driven Optimisations

Of all the ways to digitally advertise, social media is arguably the most complex with the number of variables there is to negotiate. It is also the most dynamic with new platforms and ad formats entering the market regularly. We pride ourselves with keeping up to date with each one, making our experience and skillset relevant to today’s market. To understand where to start, or how you can improve your current social media campaigns, book a free consultation or request a free audit.

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