Programmatic Display provides advertisers an opportunity to get their brand in front of the right audience at the right time.

Programmatic Display gives advertisers an opportunity to reach new prospective customers, and to re-engage with past customers and users who have already interacted with the brand. The benefits are huge! However, many advertisers find it difficult to prove the value of this activity. This is largely due to measurement as display is by far the most difficult channel to measure (Outside off offline media). There are also added complications including ad fraud, viewability and the ability to design and build the right creatives. This does not however mean it is impossible, it just means you need to start off on the right foot.

Whether you are just looking to start your journey with Programmatic Display Marketing or you have existing activity, our experts can help ensure you have the right solution in place.

When it comes to Programmatic Display, we are guided by our key principles:


Technology solutions to solve the key challenges of programmatic display

Measurement & Attribution

Accurately measuring and correctly attributing all activity

Audience Segmentation

A well thought out strategy targeting your ideal audience

Bespoke Creative Solutions

Bespoke creative solutions

Campaign Structure

A campaign structure which covers all parts of the conversion funnel

Data Driven Optimisations

Data Driven Optimisations

Here at ThisIsUs.Digital we will work closely with you to understand your campaign objectives and your target audience, and can either assist with creative development or work with your in-house team to produce creative suites tailored to your campaigns. Most of all we will ensure we can measure activity successfully to ensure we understand the true value of your campaigns.

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