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The Top 4 Benefits Of PPC Marketing

why use ppc marketing

What is PPC – The Basics 

Pay-per-click marketing (often referred to as PPC marketing) is a form of digital marketing in which advertisers pay a small fee each time someone clicks their ads. 

The goal of PPC is to give advertisers the opportunity to be present when a user is actively searching for your brand, product or service. 

PPC is all about relevance. Advertisers have the ability to show a targeted ad to the consumer at the exact moment this search is taking place. 

benefits of ppc marketing
PPC is a powerful marketing tool for any company looking for quick, quality traffic and conversions.

4 Benefits of Using PPC Marketing:

1. PPC drive warm leads
2. PPC is easily measurable & trackable
3. PPC offers stability
4. PPC is cost effective 

1. PPC Drive Warm Leads

As mentioned above, PPC marketing is all about exposure and relevance. PPC allows you to reach the right people at the exact moment they are searching for your product. 

We now live in a world where the majority of consumers want a straightforward, quick transaction. Therefore putting your relevant product/service right in front of the buyer will make their shopping experience much easier and smoother than having to search through multiple pages. 

2. PPC Is Easily Measurable & Trackable

tracking google ads
Easily measure impressions, clicks and conversions from your campaigns

A major benefit of PPC marketing is that it’s easy to measure and track. 

Important performance details such as impressions, clicks and conversions are easily available and will show you how your campaigns are performing and the level of traffic they’re driving for your budget. With many other marketing channels, this information is not as available or clear. 

By tracking the direct conversions of your PPC campaigns, you can see exactly how much you spent and what drove it in terms of your end goals.

To learn more about impressions and clicks, take a look at this blog written by KlipFolio. 

3. PPC Offers Stability

Another brilliant benefit of PPC marketing is that it doesn’t depend on algorithm changes. Search Engine Optimisation and content marketing depends heavily on search engine algorithm updates, unlike PPC which has more stability. 

It is very rare that PPC ads will go through high-impact changes, meaning you can quickly judge how your present and future campaigns will perform based on past statistics. 

4. PPC Is Cost Effective

Ad Placements 

With PPC marketing, you will have complete control over a wide range of options for reaching potential customers, such as ad placements and targeting. 


You will also have huge flexibility and control over your campaign budget. You can choose your own budget and bids with the option to increase, decrease or pause the ads immediately, depending on their performance. 

So, How Can We Help?

Always guided by the data, we have the experience and expertise to set up your campaigns the right way, driving the highest return for your investment. Find out more about our PPC service here

Written by Kate Jones for ThisIsUs.Digital  

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